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Sunday, August 20, 2017

A Bit Of This & That


How are you   , I hope you  are enjoying your summer as much as we are . The weather has been wonderful this month for us , still could use some more rain but all in all not bad .

Papa was enjoying one of his telescopes this afternoon looking at the sun with a special  solar filter  lens  at the end of this telescope  , he can see the sun  and the sun spots on the sun and is getting the equipment ready in  hopes to be able to catch the eclipse we will be having tomorrow afternoon  before its over  . Papa and I often view the sky's this time of year especially at night as the constellations and asterism this time of year in our northern hemisphere are amazing   .  My favorite asterism is the Teapot . The Teapot asterism in the  Sagittarius constellation  is easy to spot in a dark sky once you know where it is can be tricky though .  Please don't look up at the sky at all during an eclipse and keep your pets in for the time the eclipse happens as well .

 Wild Morning Glories are out in full force in the ditches and fields . The Golden rod is just beginning to change to  its lovely golden yellow now . I haven't seen our Oriels for a few days and their feeders have been quite , I'm guessing they have taken off for the season already or they have just found somewhere else to feast for now . Our Chickadees have returned already they disappear form here for the beginning of the summers . I cant believe how fast this moth is flying by either  WOW ! 

Well there she is , our Miggs , this is her after our walks every morning a pooped pooch who will be having a Birthday on Wed , she will be 8 years old and is now a senior dog .  Poor old girl πŸ’—
Also Papa and my Anniversary on Tuesday so a few busy days are ahead lol !

                          Well that's it for me for now hope you all have a good week .

                                                      Until next time .
                               Country Gal

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

I'm Still Here

Hello ... Hope you all are enjoying your summer . I am for sure all though I would like more rain as it has been very dry here , seems all the rain clouds just horse shoe around our valley this year  but the temps haven't been to bad the odd day it has been hot and humid but sunny and by the evenings the winds pick up and are cool so that's ok and the odd morning has been chilly  , down to 11C or 52F , despite the lack of rain things have been growing well in the gardens and planters  and I have been watering them every other evening and early morning ..

                        Miggs has been rocking her mid summer doo .. all cool and collected .

 The feeders have been pretty quiet for a week as the birds transition into their final nesting for the season then in about a week or two all will be chaos  as they feast like mad before they take off for their migration .  Butterfly's have been flitting about from flower to flower .

Whilst grasshoppers jump and fly around like crazy and Cicadas to , buzzing like mad as are the Crickets chirping up a storm .

I have been busy with  this and that and well .. not much at the same time lol ! funny how that is ! Just enjoying the summer I suppose πŸ˜ƒ.

So you see  I am still about and the odd time  I try to catch up on your blogs so I hope  all you out door bloggers are like me and  know when it is nice out you just want to be out there  soaking  it all up .. am I right ?! 

                                                    Until next time . 

                                                                       Country Gal