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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Miggs First Walk Since Her Surgery

 It was nice to get back out there  on the open road for Miggs and I even if it was for a little brief stroll .

Miggs and I took our first walk since before her surgery  in December  today. We take it a bit at a time and each day walk a bit farther each time till we can get back to our regular walking distance and scheduled  . The weather is nice and mild + 3C or 35F and getting warmer , no winds and sunny with  cloudy periods , snow is melting fast 😊  by the middle of the week temps will be at balmy 13C or 55F 😊 The birds are singing happily as the feel and smell of Spring is in the air  already . Lots of warm temps heading our way and tons and tons of rain to ,  flood warnings and watches are in place for the week  from all the rain we are to be getting  so puddles will be everywhere in our yard .

 Well that's all for us for now we are just plodding along taking each day as it comes .

                                                                 Until next time .

                                                                 Country Gal πŸŒΌπŸ•



Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Miggs Is Doing Well .

We went to the vet yesterday for Miggs checkup of her leg and how she is coming along .  All good news . Our vet was very happy with her quick recovery  and how well she can move lift and step on her foot and how much weight she can already put on her  leg .  We have been doing a lot of physio therapy at home with  getting her back into shape . She still needs to be on leash to go out side but she now only needs her harness to go up the stairs at night to go to bed a flight of stairs will be a bit still on her own for now ,  Miggs and I are even more happy now  cause we got the OK to start going for our walks again WHOOHOO !  small walks to start then each week we can go a bit farther and farther . We figure by the end of March she will be back to going for our long walks and doing the stairs all on her own  and able to be out in the yard with no leash .  YIPPEE !  WOOF !

Miggs has also lost quite a bit of weight and will continue to do so and that will help with her legs and her Arthritis  , now if only Country Gal here can get a bit of slimming going on lol ! Once I get walking again with Miggs we will both be on the slimmer side again .

Papa and I aren't much for this Valentines Day stuff we love each other every day , say it and show it through the little things  we do for one another    but we would like to wish you all a
                                                              Happy Valentines Day .πŸ’—

  The sun is shining 🌞 the temps are rising to well above 0 and snow is melting  😊 and we will be getting lots and lots of rain  over the next few days .
                                                                       Until next time
                                                                            Country Gal