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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Well Thats More Like It !!

SNOW , SNOW , SNOW  it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas !  That's what was missing and making me feel HO HUMBUGISH !! the lack of snow , well we got some yesterday just enough to cover the grass and stick to every thing and both Miggs and I loved it . I decorated for Christmas watching Christmas movies whilst the snow was falling out side and Miggs ... well she just ran and rolled and shoveled her face in the snow every time she went out lol ! Now I have more to take pictures of now that the snow has fallen.

                                 Miggs with a little snow oh how she loves it so lol !
      Some times the lighting with snow can be tricky and soo different for taking photos from one shot to the next , some photos are darker then others and some are way to bright lol but it always looks soo pretty .

                                       Over night last night we got even more snow !

                                             Nothing as pretty as  fresh fallen snow .

                         I put a few Christmas decorations up , now less is more for us .

                                        Our little Charlie brown tree is just enough for us .

              My  Mr & Mrs Christmas Bears, always have to have these cuties up at Christmas time  !

                                            Christmas candle on the fireplace mantle .

           And a little Christmas bird cottage that sits in my kitchen . Papa did not make this one but will be making more bird houses soon .

        So .. now that we have snow I am in the Christmas spirit and loving the new canvas on the land .

 This little guy is chowing down on his suet and all the other birdies are busy most of the day at the feeders now that the snow has arrived .  So I am off to enjoy it all .

                                                                   Until next time 



Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Feeling A Bit BA HUMBUGISH !

If that's even a word lol ! I cant seem to get into the Christmas spirit this year , I find each year harder and harder to get Christmasy  and I don't know why .  The weather has been up and down , mostly down with high winds cold air lots of clouds rain and the odd pop of sunshine and no snow for us down this way in southwestern Ontario  and I haven't found much to photograph out there either that I haven't already photographed lol ! 
We have a few outdoor decorations up in the front of the house as that is Papa's area of expertise and it looks pretty with the tree on the front step ,lights along the porch roof and a few bits n bobs.

 I still have the inside to do  but hard to do when your just not in the spirit of things . I know what a downer this is eh ! but really is everyone always feeling Christmasy every Christmas , I mean lets get real here . I know I know BA HUMBUG  your thinking !

                                       Even Miggs is not feeling it this year .

 Poor old dog cant have her swing hung up any more now as she cant lift herself up on it as her Arthritis is worse this time of year .

 She loves to snooze outside on it still though even in the cooler air at least it keeps her under the patio porch and off of the cold ground which is worse for her aches and pains .

The other evening as the sun was setting way to early for my liking , I saw all of these Cedar waxwings resting in the tree across the road as they made their trek south  .  They are last to migrate every year .

    I just caught a glimpse of these clouds over the valley  through my living room window . I am always looking out the window if cant be outside ,

Well I need a kick in the pants my mum would say to get in the gist of things for this time of year , time to buck up girl she would also say . I better do as she says or she will be sending the down the ghost of Ebenezer Scrooge YIKES   lol !