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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Soggy Soppy Mucky Weather


YUK ! it is so mucky and muddy out with all the rain we have had over night and for most of the day today . We started out with rain last night  then it changed to freezing rain over night then rain early this morning  and it is still raining , it is a mess in the yards and fields , big puddles  developing  all over the  place  , our river is very close to over flowing to YIKES !

JANUARY 2017 (5 of 7)

The good thing about all this rain is we don't have any snow left and it is quite mild 2°C or 36°F and it will be rising as the day goes on  to 6°C or  43°F that's balmy for us this time of year .

JANUARY 2017 (1 of 7)

JANUARY 2017 (2 of 7)

                            JANUARY 2017 (3 of 7)

                        The birds don't seem to care what the weather is as long as they have lots to eat at the feeders .

JANUARY 2017 (6 of 7)

      Miggs isn't to thrilled about staying in either and I am  not to thrilled when she does need to go out as she gets soo muddy and sopping wet and muddy all over her shaggy feet and legs  , time to go to the groomers I think Miggs ! . But at least we aren't buried in snow and freezing cold  so that is on the plus side I would say .

Well my dilemma of followers not showing on my side bar is still happening and I have noticed other blogs that had them showing are not now so I think Blogger and Google are up to their old tricks again , wish they could find a way to let us know what and when they plan on buggering up our blogs  for us  or they could let us know somehow by sending a warning email out  , that way it wouldn’t be such a shock when happens , I so don't like it when they fiddle and fart around with my blog but hey it is free and the odd time over the years things have gone wonky and been fixed over time  so I cant really complain but I will regardless lol !

               Any who not much going on here other then rain , rain and more rain for the day , sunshine for tomorrow and temps to stay mild so I am good  for now  and  just waiting for  SPRING   .

 575MU_tnDHIG1-H_7zRWXAuhGzI                                                                                          Until next time                                                                                        

                                                                                           Country Gal

Saturday, January 14, 2017

A Bit Of Technical Difficulty


Hello everyone .

I am experiencing a bit of technical problems here on my blog . All of a sudden after 7 years of blogging I have lost my Google Friend Connect Followers  below my Country Covers which is odd considering all my sign ins and accounts are  and always have been with google  . It is in all the code of my blog like it should be and with in the dashboard but not visable on the side bar of my blog anymore and I have been racking my brain and done everything I can from this end  even  Papa who is my tech nerd helped and still nothing  . The funny thing is that my other blog my photography blog which I don't seem to use as much these days the   Google Friend Connect Followers  is ok and nothing has changed with either of them  in any way either at least not from this end . I have sent blogger and Google I guess it would be a yell out for HELP ! and see if and when they come up with any answers for me . In the mean time I guess I just wait and hope it comes back on my side bar .  I do appreciate all who do follow me and have been over the past  several years and I would hate to loose touch with you all  just because this thing isn't working properly . Any who just thought I would let you all know just incase as I don't know if it is just with my blog  or may of  recently happened to other blogs if in fact blogger and Google are doing some updates or what ever they do lol !



                                                                                            Until next time .

                                                                                            Country Gal