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Friday, May 25, 2018

Happy Birthday

                                                             Wishing my hubs AKA Papa a

Papa bday                                                                                                Country Gal 

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

We Had A Wonderful Long Weekend

The weekend that just passed was our long weekend the May 2/4 weekend we call it , it really is  called Victoria Day long weekend , any who , Our oldest son David and his fiancĂ© Cindee came down Friday evening and stayed the entire weekend . We had a great time . The weather was fantastic as was the company for Papa and I .

We  were outside  early all day every day and evening’s till 12am and had a few fun games of  cards on the patio porch whilst we had our chiminea fire was going that we have just outside of the porch   .


We did some star gazing and moon watching  one  night with Papas telescopes  . That was fun to, both David and Cindee loved that as do Papa and I  , we love star gazing .


We had  BBQ suppers , played badminton , that was fun and funny as David is quite the joker  lol . We did a bit of yard work , grass cutting and what not .20180521_102008

                                               Papa was showing David the ropes to his grass cutting methods  lol .

20180521_101718                                                                     Above :   Guys being guys with machines lol !

                              Miggs also enjoyed having David & Cindee here as she got lots of belly rubs and cuddles .


Papa dug the hole for our pond  we are working on .   It will soon have a water fall traveling from the back of the white picket fence to the pond and plants all about it as we extend the garden  , lots of fun . 

MAY 2018 (8 of 25)

MAY 2018 (19 of 25)

MAY 2018 (20 of 25)It will take a while to complete this project like the water fall but we plan on having half  if not most of it done this summer .

Yesterday the kids went home and Papa and I enjoyed the rest of the evening out on the patio porch as it rained on and off  with a nice chiminea fire going till it was bed time . Back to the routine of weekday's  and Papa back to work .

It started out rainy this morning but has since cleared up a bit  so I went about and took some more photos of the freshness after a rain fall .

MAY 2018 (25 of 25)

Our gardens are coming along wonderfully as they all have caught up to the season as it was later starting than usual .

MAY 2018 (9 of 25)                                  Nothing like fresh cut Lilac from your own back yard . Love the smell of them !

MAY 2018 (24 of 25)

We have some of this colour in this photo I took just after the rains and we have off white , light purple , and white with pink centers to the flowers and a deep burgundy all soo lovely when in full bloom and the smell that comes from them all , amazing .

MAY 2018 (23 of 25)

We have a row of about 10 that are at least 14 years old in the back by our picket fence garden and soon to be pond and they are a mix of colours.

MAY 2018 (16 of 25)All my perennials that we planted last year are doing well , here is the new off spring of Forget me knots , they have cute tiny flowers .

Oh and Papa built me this suit feeder holder . See it is made like this to keep the bully birds of summer off as they can not feast on it at all as they can not hang on upside down unlike the Chickadees, Nuthatch and Woodpeckers .  I have summer suit in it , summer suet for those who may not know is a suet specially formulated to help the nesting  birds  I mentioned as they need that little bit extra and it go bad or melt in the hotter weather .

MAY 2018 (13 of 25)MAY 2018 (11 of 25)

                  The other evening as the sun was setting I saw the clouds  in the distance just suspended in the sky as they floated , these are my favorite type of clouds as they look 3D  in the sky  and some look like  mountain's in the background .

MAY 2018 (1 of 25)                MAY 2018 (2 of 25)

MAY 2018 (4 of 25)

MAY 2018 (5 of 25)

            Well that was a full winded post now wasn't it ? !  All in all it has been a fantastic few days and looking forward to more Open-mouthed smile.

We will be celebrating Papa’s birthday Friday as he is taking that day off  , so another long weekend for him and I to it’s  so nice to have him home an extra day on any long weekend lol !

                                                                                              Until next time

                                                                                               Country Gal