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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Having Fun Doing Yard Work On A Nice Fall Day



  Yesterday early in the morning  the dew draped  over everything and the fog was moving out and lifting as the sun rose giving us the promise of a nice fall day .

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And that it was, a lovely day  , sun was shining clear sky’s warm temps and a day to get going with raking leaves as our trees are dropping loads on the ground  now .

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I had to have  a camp fire going to  . Just something wonderful  about the fall air mixed with the smell of burning leaves and wood smoke , I love it .

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We still have flowers that just don't want to stop blooming which is ok by me lol  , as our Clematis by our big old maple tree has been giving its last few HURRAHS !!!

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The bees are still buzzing about on the few flowers that are still in bloom as they race against each other to get as much  pollen as they can .

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                 Oh and talking about raking leaves well you know who just loves this time of year for that !!

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                                                                                   Yup you guessed it Miggs.

                                She just saunters over and climbs in the pile and lay's there all happy and proud .

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And sometimes she likes to help or at least she thinks she is helping which actually she is making me laugh silly dog .

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                                                   Miggs always makes raking leaves that much more fun .

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            I had to get her out of the pile to get it all cleaned up but this fun she has in the leaves sure does make for great photos every fall .

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After all this fun of leaf rustling and she finally got out of the pile for me so I could get it tidied up  I heard a robin up in the crab apple tree as he was enjoying the berries from it . We have had lots of Robins , Grackles and Starlings about again , they seem to come back this time of year after  where ever they go for a month or two after they have finished nesting here in our trees and cedar hedges in the spring and early  part of the summer .

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I got all the leaves tidied up then Papa came home from work and he cut the grass and I did the trimming   , I think this maybe the last time we will have to cut and trim the grass  but we will still have lots of leaves to clean up for a while  and watch Miggs play in the piles again and have fun .

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                                                                               Until next time .

                                                                                  Country Gal

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wordless Wednesday


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