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Monday, March 30, 2015

Harley Came Out To Play !



Ok more like ooze in a sun puddle  lol !  So I took photos as she isn’t that keen on having her photo taken but this time she was posing  for me  in  her cat like way !

MARCH 2015 (1 of 16)-2

MARCH 2015 (3 of 16)-2

Our cat Harley is mostly antisocial and only hangs with us when she wants to which isn't very much , she can be affectionate and loves to be scratched but then she makes the decision when enough is enough and goes off to snooze  which she seems to like to snooze a lot and in Miggy’s beds lol and Harley will play with Miggs from time to time  she is the instigator  to . She doesn't like the sound of me emptying the dishwasher either she cry's and almost howls at the sound  , but when I am in the kitchen making tea for some reason she appears from no where and chats up a storm and I say tell me more stories Harley and she can go on for ever lol   Harley loves the freeze dried salmon treats and will sit up pretty and give me a high five  paw for one .

MARCH 2015 (7 of 16)-2

                                   Harley kept turning upside down and  showing her cutsie side lol !

MARCH 2015 (12 of 16)-2

MARCH 2015 (11 of 16)-2

                      Then she had enough of posing for me  and fell asleep in the warmth of the sun puddle .

It is funny cause even though she doesn't have much to do with us or Miggs really  she doesn't like it if we all go out and she is left at home , she wonders the house meowing for us and she does the same thing when Miggs has gone for a walk with Papa  . Harley is a night owl and that’s when she plays and runs about and she forgets we are in bed at the time , she calls for us  and really sounds like she is saying mum , mum . mum . Cats are funny creatures they are either really affectionate or only affectionate on their terms .  Oh  and she got her name Harley cause she purrs deep and  loud  with a rumble  like a Harley motorcycle .

                                                                     That's our Harley Roo !

                                                                             Country Gal

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Bird Watching


I love just sitting in my  birding chair or standing near our big tree watching the birds in the trees and at the feeders . We have had lots of Pine Siskins here this year and they are just so cute and not camera shy at all which is good for me lol !

MARCH 2015 (2 of 44)

I find these little Pine Siskins get mistaken for Goldfinch which can easily be done if your not familiar with birds  and their markings or sounds  and the beak shapes and sizes especially when they are in mixed in a group of Goldfinches  !

MARCH 2015 (7 of 44)

Theses little guys just seem to ignore me as I got quite close to them  to take their photos , this little guy here was keeping an eye on me though .

MARCH 2015 (11 of 44)

Then Mr Cardinal came along to see what all was going on and why I was so close to the other birdies !

MARCH 2015 (15 of 44)

I guess he was wanting to strike a pose or two for me and felt left out  , I thought that was good of him  thank you Mr Cardinal .

MARCH 2015 (19 of 44)

                         Oh I see now you just wanted to get some food  , well help your self my feathered friend !

MARCH 2015 (23 of 44)

Well then I saw more different birds started to hang about me in the big tree wondering what was going on to and I got their photos as well !  Oh I was having so much fun taking their photos  , watching and chatting to them .

MARCH 2015 (25 of 44)

                                                                                      Hello Downy !

MARCH 2015 (32 of 44)

                                                            Oh and a Hello to you to Mrs Goldfinch !

MARCH 2015 (28 of 44)

                                                                               I see you Mr Robin !!

MARCH 2015 (30 of 44)

          Oh your up there now eh? Mr Downy ! Yes we all love this big old tree ! It is over 100 years old and is our favourite tree isn’t  it guys ! Yes I do talk to the birdies like this  , they eventually get used to ones voice and become more calm with you   and around you !

MARCH 2015 (36 of 44)    Ok ,Ok I hear you up there stay still and I will take your photo.  This little Pine Siskin was making his funny buzz sound at me trying to get my attention  well it worked !

MARCH 2015 (34 of 44)

Then he came down to the feeder as he felt safe around me with my camera in hand ! Sometimes they are ok with people but sometime times them seeing a big black thing being pointed at them and the reflection of the lens frightens them so I use my lens hood on the end of my lenses  it helps .

MARCH 2015 (38 of 44)

                                   Mr & Mrs Dovey looking like they are have a conversation on Papa’s tool shed !

MARCH 2015 (41 of 44)

                     The Goldfinch finally have a chance at the feeder as the Pine Siskin take perch and rest .

MARCH 2015 (43 of 44)

Well Goldfinches that didn’t last long now did it lol ! This guy looked like he was doing an Elvis impression with his do like that , actually he was warning me trying to look big and tuff !  Same with this one on the other side !

MARCH 2015 (44 of 44)

                   Ok , Ok guys I will leave you to eat in peace GEESH !!!  I can watch birds all day , they are such amazing creatures !

MARCH 2015 (40 of 44)

                            Oh and of course our Miggs who insists on laying on the few snow piles we have left !

                                 Nature …. so full of wonder ,  amazement , power , intelligent’s ,  and beauty !

                                                                                  Until next time

                                                                                          Country Gal

Friday, March 27, 2015

At Evenings Dusk


The Robins , my favourite song birds . They love to chirp and sing and serenade us into the evenings as the dark cloaks the land .

Robin singing at evenings dusk

Miggs was out with me whilst I was recording all the lovely sounds of the Robins . Their chirp some times sounds like they are laughing and their song is music to my ears !

Robins all around chirping and singing .

I love how their song echo's through out the valley both in the  evenings and early mornings.

MARCH 2015 (11 of 14)

This photo is of our Mr Robin after most of the snow had dropped off the tree from yesterday's snow fall ! Some of the snow we got yesterday did melt just not all of it yet !

Robins singing and chirping

So I guess you can tell the Robin is my favourite bird  cant you lol ?  they always have been right from when I was a kid. After  our winters this bird is who I wait for to return and is my ultimate sign of spring  and sing his pretty song for us . I have a CD of the Robins singing and listen to it over the winter months . I love the nature CD’s  called  Solitudes .  I am a birder and love all the birdies and  all nature  , I  just cant get enough of it’s wonder , beauty and  the Awe of it all .

                                                                        So what’s your favourite birdy and why  ?

                                                                                           Until next time

                                                                                        Country Gal