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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

This Mornings Photos


It was a chilly morning with the promise of sunshine finally after a few days of gloomy weather .

OCTOBER 2014 (1 of 22)

OCTOBER 2014 (9 of 22)

The Robins are still here . I love hearing them early in the mornings chirping as they answer each other .

OCTOBER 2014 (6 of 22)

Starlings gather here and there  as flocks fly from tree to tree . These two were siting up in the tree across the road just a chatting away .

OCTOBER 2014 (8 of 22)

I just love the sky when the sun is rising this time of year , with the crisp fresh air , the echo's of  nature as all wakes up !

OCTOBER 2014 (10 of 22)

                      Our  Red breasted woodpecker Charlie on the look out as he scopes the feeders I had just filled up !

OCTOBER 2014 (19 of 22)

                                  A small flock of Canadian Geese taking their early morning flight to the next field  lol !

OCTOBER 2014 (15 of 22)

                                    The sun rise shining on the trees  really brings out the orange colours of leaves even more so !

OCTOBER 2014 (18 of 22)

Mr Turkey Vulture looking for food in the field beside us ! In the evenings there are at least 100 of them soaring over the valley  as they will be migrating soon .

OCTOBER 2014 (14 of 22)

                                And my trusty side kick Miggs who is my camera buddy and keeps me company .

OCTOBER 2014 (17 of 22)

         All whilst the sun is rising and nature is waking up and I out in my jammies taking early morning photos enjoying the beauty of our valley  . Sun is shining and all is good !

                                                                                 Until next time

                                                                          Country Gal

Monday, October 20, 2014

Miggs In Leaves !!


  It was a quiet weekend here for us , we just puttered Saturday inside as it was cold and rainy . Yesterday Sunday was a nice day with warmer temps and sunny with cloudy periods so we decided to get out and do some more yard clean up . My gardens are all done for good now nothing left all bare BOOHOO !!!

Papa got the leaf blower/mulcher out and started getting the thousands of leaves we had all over the lawn picked up . Well as he was doing that I was puttering here and there , then I had to run in and get my camera cause Miggs decided  to lay in the leaves and that means she wants to  have some fun .

OCTOBER 2014 (1 of 50)

This is Miggs looking to see if either of us notice her laying in the leaves . In other words she is being cheeky and wants Papa to play and I take photos  she is a smart girl  cause it works every year  lol !

OCTOBER 2014 (7 of 50)

                                                                   So I got my camera  and the fun begins !

OCTOBER 2014 (9 of 50)

                                       Miggs does this every fall when we do the leaves she just loves it !

OCTOBER 2014 (14 of 50)

The entire time Miggs is in the leaves Papa is still blowing them with the leaf blower and Miggs loves that even more !

OCTOBER 2014 (16 of 50)

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OCTOBER 2014 (31 of 50)

            Papa put the leaf blower under the pile and Miggs went crazy , she was diving under the pile lol .

OCTOBER 2014 (36 of 50)

OCTOBER 2014 (37 of 50)

                                 Miggs , the leaf playing,  camera loving  pooch ! who knows how to strike a pose lol !

OCTOBER 2014 (39 of 50)

OCTOBER 2014 (46 of 50)

OCTOBER 2014 (50 of 50)

This lasted quite some time playing in the leaves and I was able to  take lots and lots of fun photos of Miggs playing in the leaves  and  Papa and I had a laugh at our Miggs having fun , that made our day  . Miggs is full of character, loves the camera and it shows lol !

                                                          Rainy mild and windy here today !

                                                                            Until next time .

                                                                      Country Gal

Friday, October 17, 2014

A Little Fall Walk In Our Valley


With links to our Village Valleys history if you are a history buff  like me lol !

Miggs and I went for a second walk yesterday afternoon as the sun was shining and the temps were quite warm I took my camera with me to get some photos of our valley village with all the pretty fall colours .

                                           Photo heavy …….

OCTOBER 2014 (6 of 55)

                                                               I love how red the Sumac trees get in fall !

OCTOBER 2014 (8 of 55)

OCTOBER 2014 (11 of 55)

                                   We still have wild flowers out in the fields and lots of bees occupying them !

OCTOBER 2014 (18 of 55)

OCTOBER 2014 (19 of 55)

                                           That little peek of house there in the photo is our Woods Country Cove !

OCTOBER 2014 (22 of 55)

                          Picture above is what's across and in front from our house ! The top of  those trees  on the other side of them is fields and then one of the main roads in and out of the valley and another part of our village lives up there !

OCTOBER 2014 (21 of 55)

                                         And this is what's behind us ! Miggs and I are on the road beside it all !

OCTOBER 2014 (29 of 55)

                                                     This is one of the pretty streets we take for our walk !

OCTOBER 2014 (34 of 55)

Photo above the road comes to an end way down ahead and a trail leads into the forest , sometimes Miggs and I like to walk the trails we have around the valley if they aren’t to mucky and boggy lol !

OCTOBER 2014 (32 of 55)

OCTOBER 2014 (37 of 55)

                                                   We stopped for a rest under the trees and in the leaves !

OCTOBER 2014 (41 of 55)

                                 Our village valley has a few parks in it this is just a minute up the road from us  over to the right of the photo is a jungle gym for the kids in the area but it doesn't get used that much as most of the families that have kids here are Mennonites  and the rest that make up the village valley population are retired folk  !

OCTOBER 2014 (44 of 55)

OCTOBER 2014 (46 of 55)

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OCTOBER 2014 (48 of 55)

These are all the streets Miggs and I love walk ! This street here goes to the main road of our village and on either side  right and left of the main road there is more  of our village and valley !  We have towns with in a 20 minuet drive on either side of our valley and our main road leads to a lovely 6 minuets drive to a  fishing and marina town called Port Burwell off the north shores of lake Erie  with its beautiful beaches, shops , restaurant's  and famous wooden lighthouse  and now we have a Submarine  called the Ojibwa there stationed as part of the tourism  . One day I will post of all that .

                                                 OCTOBER 2014 (53 of 55)

                                             So many bright pretty colours of trees now in our valley village !

OCTOBER 2014 (24 of 55)

These photos are just our part of the valley and village  , it is a very wide spread open  valley with lots of fields large properties wooded areas here and there and the river that runs through part of it  . Our village  valley has about 1200 people living  here . We have a comer gas station with a general store and a hardware store  an Antique shop , a Auction house and an old farm house that is a museum of Thomas Edison  who lived here back in the 1800s , a community centre  and a lovely old church . If you would like to see more photos  and read of our Village valley’s history visit this link below of my post I did  way back on our K & E photography blog .    


             Hope you enjoyed  part of our neck of the Woods Country Cove Village Valley  fall walk  and a bit of it’s  history .

                                     Even a deeper history of our Village valley you can find here !


                                                                            Until next time !

                                                                   Country Gal