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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Update Of All That's Been Going On


It doesn't look good for my sister  Ann , she is now in a coma , has been since Tuesday  she has not been  responding to any thing so now the Dr’s and a counselor have to talk to my brother in law and family to see what the next step is , in the beginning the Dr’s did say after trauma like this patients don't come back from it ,  so we shall have to wait till the counselor has spoken to her family and go from there .  I am praying for a miracle here .

      I have been keeping busy whilst all this unhappiness has been going on in the family  with happy things like  digging in my gardens  ,  playing with my Miggs  and my photography  and enjoying the  nature we have here as the birds of spring and summer return  , it is so nice to see and hear them again .

                                                     Here are photos of the goings on in the yard so far .

MAY 2016 (3 of 50)

MAY 2016 (4 of 50)

       Mr & Mrs Sparrow still building up their nest . They come back with goose feathers from the farm just down the road lol !

MAY 2016 (8 of 50)

                                                  My Lilac bushes about to pop . Oh  how I love the smell of them !

MAY 2016 (9 of 50)

                                                             I have 5 different colours of Lilacs growing .

MAY 2016 (10 of 50)

                                                     Seeds on  the trees are slowly turning to leaves . hey that rhymes  lol !

                                                                                                 AND ACTION !!!

MAY 2016 (16 of 50)

                                                            Miggs loves to play fetch , look at those ears .

MAY 2016 (18 of 50)

MAY 2016 (19 of 50)

                         Kind of hard to catch a ball with another one in your mouth Miggs , she has always done it this way but we have fun any ways , lol . 

MAY 2016 (5 of 50)

                                                      After all that playing time to snooze in warm breezes !

                                 Whilst Miggs was resting  I  continued on with taking  photos of other things .

MAY 2016 (23 of 50)

                                                   Our  Orchard Oriel Rusty  showed up , good to have him back .

                                                                                             Then the next day .

MAY 2016 (41 of 50)

                                          Look it is Tang our Baltimore Oriel , he has come back to . WOOHOO !

MAY 2016 (44 of 50)

So far we have two male Baltimore’s and two male Orchard Oriels  more will be returning soon , they are hungry and have been feasting at the nectar feeders all day .

                                         This little guy showed up a few days before and has been shy but not this time .

MAY 2016 (29 of 50)

                                              Our Rose Breasted Grosbeak is back as well and also enjoying the feeders !

MAY 2016 (34 of 50)

MAY 2016 (39 of 50)

                                                                 The gardens are blooming like mad as well .

MAY 2016 (26 of 50)

    Everything is blooming and thickening up and  returning , House Wrens are back all though quite shy with the camera for now , Barn Swallows are flying around chatting up a storm chasing each other about . Now I am  keeping an eye out for our Hummers  to come to my feeders .  I love this time of year .

                                               To my sister  Ann  , I love you and pray you have more seasons in the sun !


                                                                                Country Gal

Monday, May 2, 2016

Hello Everyone



First I would like to thank you all for your prayers for my sister Ann . Ann is still in hospital and will be for some time . We haven’t been able to see her yet as she has still been sedated to help her heal as her body has been now fighting pneumonia  and her blood pressure has been all over the place , we are hopeful that all the rest will help her recover from this ordeal , so far the surgery has worked for her aneurysm and the other aneurysm  is fine so far . So we are just hanging in there with her  on and off  a day to day situation with lots of contact with the hospital and family for information . I am slowly  trying to catch up on all  your wonderful blog posts  so bare with me please  I may not comment all the time on all of them for now .

On a  nicer note  the Rose Breasted  Grosbeaks are back at the feeders  and the Wrens and Barn Swallows are around as well ,  now all I need to have  in my yard at my nectar feeders are the Orchard Orioles the Baltimore Oriels  and the Hummers .

The gardens are doing well and after all the lovely rains and sun shine  we have had  everything is growing like mad .

Just a reminder that this week is the week  for National Wild flower week !


June 2015 (7 of 33)-3

I know the wild flowers aren't out yet but when they are take time to walk amongst the fields of wild flowers and enjoy their beauty and all the nature that uses them as a source of food  and if you can plant  some wild flowers to help our pollinators !


                                                                                   Until next time

                                                                                Country Gal