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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sunday’s Drive To Hawk Cliff


Hawk cliff a wonderful place off the north shores of Lake Erie for nature , fresh lake air and  beautiful scenery . Lots of birders and nature photographers go here  each  spring summer and fall  for the migration of all kinds of birds and butterfly’s   .   The Hawk Cliff  Hawk watch is manned by a number of volunteers dedicated to the conservation of migratory raptors, passerines and Monarch butterflies of North America through scientific study, public education and appreciation of their fall migrations. Over the years the Hawk Cliff site has grown in popularity and today it is recognized as one of the prime fall migration hawk watching destinations in North America.


                   This area  is only half an hours drive from us ! We are only a 6 minuet drive from lake Erie and one of our other favourite small  port towns to go to Port Burwell !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (31 of 51)

                                                                 On the cliff looking out over lake Erie !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (12 of 51)

SEPTEMBER 2014 (8 of 51)

                                       Top of the cliffs . Lots of people have been here enjoying the beauty and the views !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (5 of 51)

There are always strange things below the cliff's in the water each year we go ! This is a sand dune .

SEPTEMBER 2014 (4 of 51)

                         The cliffs are beautiful but unfortunately lots of erosion has been happening over the years  and the cliff wear away into the waters .

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SEPTEMBER 2014 (13 of 51)

SEPTEMBER 2014 (17 of 51)

                               Cliffs and lake on one side farmers fields on the other . It is a lovely place to hike !

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SEPTEMBER 2014 (23 of 51)

                                                            The air was hazy over parts of the lake that day !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (33 of 51)

                                                                       Papa and Miggs enjoying the view !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (28 of 51)

SEPTEMBER 2014 (21 of 51)

                          Caught a glimpse of a Falcon soaring over the fields in the distance ! The prey birds were pretty hidden that morning and quiet !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (37 of 51)

                                                 Lots of Cliff Swallow homes left for the season  and all quiet now .

SEPTEMBER 2014 (38 of 51)

Lots of wild asters at Hawk cliff and Cabbage moths of all kinds were gathering their nectar and bees to ! This year we didn’t see any Monarchs there but they may have already been through the area as I have seen lots pass through our yard the past month !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (40 of 51)

                           This is the beautiful country road that leads to Hawk cliff . I took photos on our way out !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (42 of 51)

                         And there are corn fields along the road side leading in and out  . I love corn fields !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (45 of 51)

We then took a little road trip through Port Bruce one of the many  lovely little towns off the shores of lake Erie !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (48 of 51)

                    Still lots of boaters going in and out of the harbour  and fishing off the docks on a lovely Sunday morning !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (50 of 51)

This is were we spotted this guy sitting way up in those trees to the left watching over the harbour  maybe he was thinking of  swooping down for his breakfast  when the fishermen get a bite and steal it right off their hook .

SEPTEMBER 2014 (51 of 51)

It was a lovely morning trip to Hawk cliff and to Port Bruce . On the way home we stopped every now and then to take photos . I will share more of  them later  we are on over load with photos from this day lol . Papa has some wonderful photos he would like to share as well just waiting for him to load them on his computer and send them over to mine lol !

                                                                            So until next time my friends !

                                                                                  County  Gal

                           P.S  I cant believe it is October already ! Happy October all !

Monday, September 29, 2014

I Know , I Have Been MIA


I have been MIA  for a few days , feeling a bit under the weather with this infection . I had an ear infection at first  on the right side , I have  damage in my facial muscles and nerves on the entire right side from Bells palsy many years ago so I have to be careful with any infections on this side  , then I had pain in the teeth thinking it was a tooth but I went to the dentist  and he did a full scan of my face and teeth and found out it was  a sever case of Sinusitis all through my right side and it has been painful . I have been on antibiotics for some time to get rid of the infection first , he did say my teeth are in good condition  I do take care of them so that was a good thing to hear  but he did say however he would like to take a better  look later   because as I was already suffering in pain  he didn’t want to put me in any more by poking around . I have one wisdom tooth on the right side that he says looks iffy but it may just be the infection that is causing it to look like it does in the scan . So by next week I will  hopefully be all clear of the infection and I can get back to him and see what’s what ! I haven’t been able to chew on the right side so not eating very much either or sleeping much . So this is why I have been MIA !  I have been feeling better here and there and have been able to get out  and do some clearing up of the gardens and taking photos and enjoy these summer like temps and beautiful weather we have been having . I thought it was fall ,   could of fooled me lol !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (4 of 5)-2

                     The mornings have been cool and foggy but the days have been sunny and warm ! 

SEPTEMBER 2014 (5 of 17)

                   Some of my flowers are still going strong and I haven’t had to bring in my Geraniums yet either !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (14 of 17)

I find that a lot of the Monarchs are fluttering though our yard on their long journey south as are the birdies, they seem to be making the odd pit stop for food and off they go . The Robins that have also been MIA for some time are back in droves as are the Starlings . The hummers and other summer birds are now gone  but  I have been hearing the Eastern Blue bird about the area so we still may have the odd summer  straggler lol . The Chipmunks have been busy stuffing their faces and storing food for the winter very busily dashing about ! Even the Cicada's are still around buzzing in the heat of the sun  and the crickets  have been chirping day and night  as have the grasshoppers in the day !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (6 of 17)

                                         Both Miggs and I have been enjoying this long extended summer weather !

SEPTEMBER 2014 (9 of 17) 

Regardless of the summer like weather the trees have been changing and leaves have been falling ! I cant believe it is the end of September already where does the time go?

Papa  and I had a good weekend . Yesterday  morning  we went to a wonderful scenic area down near the north shores of lake Erie near Port Bruce called Hawks cliff   and had a wonderful time there taking photos and enjoying the scenery and driving around  . I will post of this later . I  have lots of photos to go through lol !

                     So this in a nut shell  is what’s been going on in our neck of the woods , onwards and upwards I say lol !

                                                                           Until next time my friends !

                                                                           Country Gal

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wordless Wednesday


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                                                                      Country Gal