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Friday, July 3, 2015

Wishing All Of


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                                                                 Hope you have a safe and fun celebration !

                                                                          Country Gal

Oh The Day’s Of Summer


Have been magnificent . Warm sun shine cool breezes with the fresh smell of blooms in the air and hay fields  love it .  The evenings have cooled right off and been damp we so far have no humidity thank goodness  it reminds  me of  the kind of summers I remember as a kid on our farm .

I have been puttering in my gardens catching up on weeding after all the rain we had last week , trimming the gardens edges after cutting the grass pruning and trimming trees and bushes to tidy them up as they have grown so thick and full .  

I saw these lovely ladies and young man across the road from me and asked if I may take their photos as they were picking the heads off of their friends Increadaball bush  they obliged .

JULY 2015 (1 of 32)

I just love the ladies and girls hat and dresses  so pretty , They are Mennonites and we have a lot living here in  our valley village .

JULY 2015 (2 of 32)

JULY 2015 (3 of 32)

JULY 2015 (4 of 32)

                                                       Thank you I said , they said your welcome  and off they went !!

Our July flowers have finally bloomed and are looking lovely  one is our big climbing Clematis against the big old tree which has one bloom already out and many more to burst !

JULY 2015 (20 of 32)

JULY 2015 (21 of 32)

                                                     Lots of little white buds just waiting to pop open !

                                      Then we have our giant Lillie's  WOW ! these guys are huge !

JULY 2015 (18 of 32)

JULY 2015 (19 of 32)

Miggs and I were just wondering about yesterday evening and as usual I was taking more photos as I love the evening light from the setting sun !

JULY 2015 (5 of 32)

                                          And here is every ones favourite of all of this blog ! wait for it !!!

JULY 2015 (11 of 32)

                                   MIGGS  our best friend , our buddy our sunshine every day !

JULY 2015 (17 of 32)

JULY 2015 (15 of 32)

She was out side at first with Papa as he was in his wood shop puttering and laying on his step as he had his  shop door open  but then decided to strike a few poses for me !

JULY 2015 (6 of 32)

                                             The sound of Papa in his shop is one of the sounds I love to hear !

JULY 2015 (23 of 32)

Our butterfly , bee and hummer garden is coming along wonderfully and is full of baby bumble bees collecting nectar , butterfly's have stopped on it but they really haven discovered it quite yet to just come to it they stumble upon it for now ! Hummers are busy with nectar feeders for now as their flowers here are close to blooming .

JULY 2015 (25 of 32)

Then it was time to call it an evening and come in for a cuppa tea  on his way in  Papa stopped first to give Miggs a tummy rub before we all went in .

JULY 2015 (32 of 32)

       Silly dog always  flipping upside down  for a tummy rub lol ! Notice how she is looking at the camera  yeah what a ham lol !

Well today has already started out to be a lovely summer day cool this morning birdies singing and chirping sun has risen and it is warming up  and Miggs is out side waiting for me so we can go for our walk and start our day out in the sun . I have no chores to do today so it will be a day of relax and enjoy my gardens . my birdies and critters and all with my Miggs beside me  unless she decides to give chase with a squirrel or two lol  .

                                                                    Until next time .

                                                                 Country Gal

Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Quiet Day .



Yesterday was our Canada day and a quiet one for me . I puttered , did some weeding , cut the grass , did a bit of laundry and took photos  and  Miggs and I went for our walk early in the morning . Thank you to all of you who sent get well wishes to Miggs, she is doing good now , I figured it was just a cramp in her large back leg muscle that threw her for a loop for a day but she is back to her old self again , I told her she has to take it easy now and no running hard and fast to chase things lol . ok like that’s gona work , who am I kidding lol !

Any who  it was a over cast day more like a washed out sky for most of the day  at least for photos  and it had  the odd pop of sunshine here and there , I had my own air show for Canada day fly over our house and valley for about half an hour as these 4 Harvard’s  were testing the sky’s and taking a tour  . They are the  Canadian Harvard Aircraft  Association stationed in the town of St Thomas  at their airport which is  about a 38 min drive  from us  we are lucky to get so many different large and small aircraft fly over head .

JULY 2015 (5 of 40)

I was able to get quite a few photos of these guys as they did a lot of fly overs  . It was amazing  , I do like air craft especially older ones  !

                I then looked for other things to photograph as they were done for the day and went back to their base !

JULY 2015 (19 of 40)

                    Our Mrs Robin giving me the look or maybe striking a pose as one never knows with her lol  as she was busy  being back and forth to her second batch of babies .

JULY 2015 (31 of 40)

And believe me there are lots of baby birds around here now  and I an enjoying them all as Mama’s and Papa’s feed them !

JULY 2015 (40 of 40)

                             Taking a break in the gardens waiting for his Mama or Papa with  his next pickings lol !

One never knows what one will see here in our valley and back yard  almost every day is a surprise and a wonder . So quiet days can be good at least they are here lol . Well not to quiet with all the birds and  baby birds making all their noises of feed me now I am starving but nevertheless wonderful .!

                                                                              Until next time my friends .

                                                                                        Country Gal

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wishing All Our



                                       FELLOW CANADIAN BLOGGERS A


Canada Day celebrates the birthday of Canada. On July 1, 1867 . Canada became a new federation with its own constitution by signing the Constitution Act - formerly known as the British North America Act.

                                                                          Canada is 148 years old today .

                                                       Happy Birthday Canada !


                           Country Gal