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Friday, July 31, 2015

A Day At The Beach



    Dog beach that is . Papa , myself and Miggs went to the dog beach today one of two beaches for dogs down at Port Burwell which is on the north shores of lake Erie which is a 6 min drive from us  . It is with in the conservation down there where they have other beaches around as well as camping , picnic areas and hiking trails . The first beach is dogs on leash so we took her there for a bit then we went over to the unleashed beach and that was fun !  Miggs met a new friend named Siena . They had a blast and so did we . There were lots of  doggies chasing balls and sticks in the water and running off with them making their owners chase them , yes even Miggs did that to lol lots of barks and tail wags and Rolly Polly's in the sand by all the dogs  lol !

                                                                                      I took photos and video .




Video didn’t want to load here for some reason so I have these video links that go straight to my YouTube page if you would like to click on to see Miggs playing on the beach and in the water with Papa and her new friend Siena  you can exit my  YouTube  page and it will bring you back to the this post    .

Video 1  Video 2   Video 3   Video 4

Any who we had a ball and Miggs was soo tired by the time we got home  . She has been slept all evening . It only cost $14 for the entire day there and that covers the entire Conservation area and parking not bad  we were there at about 9:30am and came home at about 3pm . We were all fresh aired out and water logged lol ! Oh and a bit sun burnt to well Papa and I are lol ! So all in all  GREAT day for us all .  Papa is on  a wee vacation till Tuesday .

                                                                          Until next time .

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Monday, July 27, 2015

A Quiet Weekend


It was a quiet weekend here, nothing pressing had to be done  just the usual grass cutting , trimming  and laundry . Papa’s sister and family came down  for a visit over at his mom & dads so we were over there visiting  and then off they went to the water park called Wolly World  it has go carts a big water park  ,mini golf, reg golf, arcade you name it , in the city of London Ontario  and then they went  back home  which is a two hour drive . I bet they were all tired . It was good to see them  ,  my how the  kids grow fast .

It was a very hot and humid weekend  but we were good with it lots of shade  and at least there was a breeze . In the late  afternoon we would go in to cool off then as the sun set , we would  pop out for a bit and end the day  by  sitting on the patio porch watching the sun set with cuppa tea in hand watching and listening to all  the birds as they snuggled down to bed  and listened  and watched  the night creatures  , crickets , bats flying catching their food , peepers down by the river , the odd dog barking , bunnies quietly hopping about  , firefly's or lightning bugs as we called them   lighting up their paths  all good stuff .

Papa was busy  in his work shop and at his craft table he has in there now making me a wonderful hanging garden sign . All done but one sign pointing to Papa’s work shop  that will be done and put up soon .

JULY 2015 (16 of 17)

I put my butterfly chime on the sign as well  ok Papa did  my idea for that lol  and I did a little butterfly water dish there hanging with a few rocks in it for them to sit on and a few orange slices in it as they love oranges  .

JULY 2015 (17 of 17)

I love it Papa . I tell you Papa comes up with the coolest ideas for our gardens  , we still have to find a perfect place for his bird houses all though we already have quite a few being occupied now lol . Papa is also working on our picket fence corner garden that will  take a bit longer as he is building and shaping each piece , I cant wait  I am already planning what to put in it for next year !

JULY 2015 (12 of 17)


           Butterfly's and bumble bees were busy this weekend in the gardens as they have been all week !

JULY 2015 (6 of 17)

The Cicadas are buzzing up a storm in this humidity haven’t seen one low to the ground yet or any of their armour left behind . So a quiet weekend indeed but a nice one !

              Hot and sticky again today but we are keeping cool under the patio porch and Miggs .. ? well she is keeping the squirrels in check .

                                                                         Until next time .