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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

We Have Snow


It has been windy and snow squall after snow squall since Monday evening and now the snow is staying  , I knew the lack of snow we had was to good to be true , now we dont have lots as of yet but more then we have had so far this winter !

February 2016 (2 of 43)

                                                 From my kitchen window this morning looking out to the valley !

February 2016 (4 of 43)

                                                               The back yard  looks pretty with the snow !

February 2016 (5 of 43)

                Papa took photos of Miggs and I as I was filling up my birdie feeders and sweeping the snow out of my shed  ! I had no idea he grabbed my camera and took photos I didn’t see him in the windows lol ! Sneaky Papa !

February 2016 (7 of 43)

After I finished filling the feeders and sweeping the snow out of my shed that I had tromped in , I then grabbed my camera and took photos of the birds and Miggs as she was telling one of the many feral cats we have here to stay away from her Mama’s birds .

February 2016 (21 of 43)

In the back behind our sheds and the wood sheds feral cats like to sit and wait for the birdies at the feeders as the feeders are close but Miggs is on the job for me to keep my birdies safe . The feral cats get fed from neighbours  and they have mice, squirrels and bunnys which I have seen them carry off   and have lots of good shelter in and around the area .


February 2016 (24 of 43)

                                                                                       Miggs in hot pursuit !

February 2016 (26 of 43)

February 2016 (28 of 43)

                                                               Gota love those ears when she runs full tilt lol !

February 2016 (27 of 43)

   I then said lets go Miggs treat time,  Well  that look and body language tells all doesn’t it ?  WHAT , TREATS  YOU SAY ?? !!   and  in she came ,  well that gave the cat a chance to skidaddle  safely .

We came in and got our selves settled  , Miggs had her treats and I had a cup of coffee .  This also gives the birdies time to see that we arent out there any more and go nuts on the feeders I just filled up !

                                                                                  And that they did !

February 2016 (34 of 43)

                                                                      We have lots of Goldfinch this year .

February 2016 (13 of 43)

                                                                                        And Pine Siskins !

February 2016 (36 of 43)

                                          They are all lined up on the branch by the yellow feeder waitng their turn !

February 2016 (39 of 43)

                They even cover the ground with the other birds under the feeders and feast on seed  that has been either chucked out or thrown for what ever reason  ! I think they just pull so much out at once and eat what they have in their beaks at the time so the rest just get turfed out on to the ground  lol !  waste not want not in the bird world , good thing cause I have to remortgaged  the house to keep these guys fed and happy this time of year lol !

February 2016 (41 of 43)

                                                            The Cardinals are getting in on the feast as well !

February 2016 (12 of 43)

February 2016 (16 of 43)

The snow is still comming down but seems to of slowed down  a bit  and is more just blowing about now  then actually falling  from  the sky which  is a wash out of white and it seems the sun is trying it’s best to peek out in between  it all .  I dont know how long this snow on the ground will last this time or how much more we will get   but then yet it is still winter  so anything can happen  lol !

Papa’s knee is better but now the poor guy has a sinus cold  and it all had to be on the mid winter shut down from work  , the  poor guy rarely gets sick ,  oh well guess old age is catching up to him now lol  I told him it would  hehe ! He is a few years younger then I am but still  I like to tease him as I already know what it is like lol !

         So as the snow flys ,  the sun trys to peek out from the white washed sky  and give us a glimps of hope , we are inside all cozy for another day of puttering .

                                                                                      Until next time .

                                                                          Country Gal