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Monday, September 1, 2014



WOW ! September already ? where does the time go .  It is humid here today and over cast with  chance of rain and thunderstorms later . This day is the Labour day holiday  for  many of us and an extra day Papa has to putter or just relax .

                                            The sunrise yesterday was pretty shining through the  wisps  of clouds over the valley  .

AUGUST 2014 (12 of 19)

                            Papa got the jump start on leaves  as they are already falling from our trees .

AUGUST 2014 (2 of 4)

                                                   We had our chiminea going  , I love the wood smoke smell !AUGUST 2014 (4 of 4)

The birds are feasting like crazy every day at the feeders and some are even snacking on what’s left of my cone flowers !

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                Some plants and flowers are beginning to come to an end in the gardens and some are still thriving !

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I forgot to share this,  a while ago there were these two ladies dressed in their traditional clothing in the evenings  that deliver home made backed goods by horse and wagon , I had to get a photo of them ! .

AUGUST 2014 (2 of 2)

                           I just loved seeing them and hearing the horses clippity clop of his hooves on the road !

             Lots of farmers are busy in the area getting their harvests done and brought in , lots of tractor's/ combines  in the fields and lots of farm hands out picking the crops to , more travel  on the country roads this time of year as they travel from field to field . The sweet smell of corn crops and bales of hay in the fields is wonderful !   The next full  moon will be the  Harvest moon and it will be early this year  , if your like me an love the full moons then look for the Harvest full moon on September the 8th –9th . I am looking forward to fall colours , cool fresh breezes and lots of fall photos lol !

                                          Thank you to all for your prayers and blessing for our Grandma .

                                                                   Until next time my friends !

                                                                       Country Gal

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Just A Little Note


Hello every one . I am still around , just have been fighting an ear infection so not been feeling up to much .

We  got word the other day  that Papa’s Grandma his dad’s mum  is not doing well she is in intensive care  since last week  so Papa and I made the three hour trip up and spend most of the day with her yesterday  . Yes I did ask if it was ok for me to be near her as I have an ear infection the Dr’s basically said  how to put this , the poor old girl is on so much meds and morphine that it is just a matter of time   Papa’s Grandma is 94  and hasn’t been able to live a normal life for years as she has been ill and fighting the good fight and has told us many times  that that’s it  she wants to go   as she feels she isn’t  or hasn’t  been living the last few years of her life like she wants . It sounds cruel here but I think for her it is better that she reaches for the heavens and the man upstairs now realizes she needs peace  , dignity and a  freed  sprit .

We love you Grandma and will miss you , we will never forget you  for you will always be in our hearts and memories !


                        This is Grandma  3 years ago at  her birthday party  laughing and enjoying family   !

                   May you have peace soon Grandma  and do all in the after life of the heavens that you didn’t get to do in this one !.

                                                                Country Gal

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I Went Out Into The Fields Today



To see what I could find ! Ok got that song in your head yet lol not exactly the same words but you get the gist of it lol ! Yes I went out in the fields again today , the weather was amazing sunny with bright blue sky’s  a few white puffy clouds and cool breezes .  I noticed every time I want to take photos of butterfly’s , bees and flowers  it is always breezy and trying to capture them in between each blow of wind is a bit tricky I might add to lol !  This field is right beside our house .

AUGUST 2014 (24 of 46)

I am pleased to see our Monarchs have returned in more numbers this year ,so far I have counted 30 since the beginning of summer and that is a lot compared to the past year or so as the numbers of them declined . I had 5 out there with me today all fluttering about from wild flower to wild flower  but they didn’t want to get together for me so I could take more then one at a times photo , oh well guess ya cant have everything can ya !

AUGUST 2014 (25 of 46)

                        Lots of these little butterfly’s around in the field as well as the white Cabbage moths  all so pretty !

AUGUST 2014 (36 of 46)

I then became surrounded with all kinds of butterfly’s bumble bees, grasshoppers and moths and the sound of crickets  .

AUGUST 2014 (40 of 46)

I then walked around more as I already had these little guys lets say caught on film lol  and looked around for other things I could find !

AUGUST 2014 (10 of 46)

          Fungi growing out of an old tree stump .. I love photographing fungi with all it’s different shapes , textures  and sizes  !

AUGUST 2014 (27 of 46)

                                                           Oh the Queen Ann's lace is so dainty and pretty !

AUGUST 2014 (43 of 46)

                         I love how there are lots of cute little wild flowers in the fields mixed in with the grasses  !

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I then looked wayyy up at the top of the trees and noticed this little leaf, the only one that has changed already !

AUGUST 2014 (2 of 46)

                                            I guess he is ready and waiting to fall now  ha ha get it fall lol snort  !

AUGUST 2014 (46 of 46)

                              Even though it is a weed I find Golden rod to be soo pretty in a field of wilderness !

AUGUST 2014 (20 of 46)

                 Then on the way back to the house I saw this interesting weaving of webs in my garden by the driveway so of course I thought cool I have to get a shot of this lol  !

                                      So that was my walk in the fields again today a place where I can spend hours in lol

                                                                 and usually do with camera in hand of course   !

                                                                             Until next time my friends !

                                                                                Country Gal